Julia Stiles

I came to Steven after an accident that caused a tear in my shoulder and injury to my neck and back. Needless to say, getting through each day was a challenge. After going the traditional western medical route and still experiencing much pain, I asked Steven for his help. He developed a yoga session specifically for my injuries and while he was teaching me, video taped it so I could use it at home. I had Steven “with me” supporting my healing and helping me with the yoga every day in my home. It was great and without it, I know I wouldn’t have recovered as I did! Thank you so much!

Penelope Cruz

I ask for Steven whenever I am in Hollywood because he is the best.

Renee Zellweger

I practice with Steven whenever I am in LA.

Barbara Kass-Annese RNCNP
Saint John’s Medical Center Santa Monica, CA

When I was first told by a friend about the benefits of Earth’s Power Yoga courses, I balked. I weighed 260 pounds and had a host of awful habits to complement the weight, smoking and overeating being two of them. I did not think yoga could change my ways. After being gently persuaded by same friend, I began attending the classes. I went into Steven’s class and emerged 7 months later, weighing 190 pounds and craving healthy food. I was a little amazed. I began to take this yoga thing seriously. I attended for the next year, and began cutting the smoking out of my life. All the while, my weight was dropping away from me like it did not wish to be my friend anymore. That was okay with me. I had new friends. I found that the mental gains being made in class were now far surpassing the physical. I thought with more clarity, and felt much more balanced in my day-to-day life. Two years after beginning the classes, I am living testament to the transformative potential to be found at Earth’s Power Yoga. I weigh 175 pounds, and have felt no need to scream at other people in traffic with a cigarette clutched in my hand. Steven and his studio have done wonders for my personal life. I cannot wait to see what the future brings! Thanks Earth’s Power Yoga!!

Eli S. Writer
Los Angeles, CA

When I first started with Steven back in summer of 2000, I had some back pain, but most of all my posture was way off. My right clavicle was much lower than my left. It looked weird and felt uncomfortable. After almost 2 years of Yoga, and for the last six months of coming 4 times a week, my back feels and looks 100% better. It is strong, the clavicles have almost evened out and my posture has greatly improved. Not to mention all the other benefits I receive, like a clearer more focused mind and a healthier, stronger body overall.

ZentAmerica Entertainment
Los Angeles CA

I just moved to LA from the mid-west and the trendy focus and plastic ambiance of my first yoga experience in LA left me longing for home. Steven’s studio offers a challenging practice that is philosophically grounded and offers a balanced focus embracing both body and spirit. Thanks Steven!

Jennifer Crane
Los Angeles, CA

Earth’s Power Yoga has increased my self-awareness in common every day situations, it has brought down my stress level, increased my sleep, and allowed me to lose weight while gaining muscle. No part of my body, mind, and spirit has gone untouched by Earth’s Power Yoga.

Shauna Heller
Hollywood, CA

Steven Earth’s studio is a fabulous place. He has a calming presence and when I did attend his classes I loved them!

Valerie Day
Director – Kforce Information Technology CA

Thrilling, peaceful, essential to health — Steven Earth’s Power Yoga is a precious resource.

Beth Soloman
Los Angeles, CA

I have been free from my occasional headaches since I have discovered yoga practice. Due to busy daily schedules, I always had bad headaches that caused trouble in sleeping. Because I am free from headaches and my sleeping problems, I became much more energetic!


I used to get bronchitis just by catching a cold almost once a year. Non-stop coughing always made it hard to breathe, however, pranayama, a breathing practice in yoga, made a difference. Easy and relaxing postures, just to help expand my chest and heart areas. Pranayama practice somehow assisted me in the release of coughing and difficulty in breathing.


I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your class Steven. I’ve hooked my roommate and her boyfriend and 2 girlfriends from work. When I love something, everyone is going to hear about it, which is why I recommend your class to many people!

Los Angeles, CA

I have been taking Steven’s class for over 10 years now and can safely say that I have yet to find a better practice. He offers a tremendous physical workout against the calming meditative backdrop of yoga. As a current fourth year medical student, I appreciate Steven’s awareness and understanding of anatomy, physiology, and overall body mechanics. Through the years I have watched him incorporate the knowledge he continuously seems to gather in his adaptation of some of the traditional poses to conform to safety. I am a type I diabetic and have literally cut my insulin requirement in half while attending Steven’s class regularly which I believe demonstrates the vigor of the practice. I continue to highly recommend it to everyone.

Vanessa Holland Med Student