Yogascape - Hollywood cinema meets Hot Yoga

Do our new Hot Yoga student special and save 68%

See what Lu Parker from KTLA Channel 5 news had to say about our new invention. Yogascape is a full scenescape virtual reaility world projceted in class that surrounds you. These are all custom made themes made by Steven Earth Metz specifically for Yoga. Everything from space “scapes” to Wonderland themes, even underwater sea life. In short we take the most beautiful imagery that the Earth has to offer and surround you with them during class. Imaging 8 foot lotus flowers slowly opening up  to meditate with? Imagine being surrounded by a fairytale forest like one you might see in Maleficient while practicing Yoga. Now you can. Come see what all the buzz is about at our new studio.

“I ask for Steven Earth Metz whenever I am in Hollywood because he is the best!” -Penelope Cruz

“I practice and enjoy Steven’s Yoga classes whenever I am in L.A.” -Jewel

“I started practicing yoga with Steven Metz in Los Angeles because I heard he was a really great yoga teacher. I stayed with him because it is true!” -Renee Zellweger

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