Zen and the art of a “Staycation”

Yoga has always been about finding peace and happiness. As the summer starts to taper off and we move into fall we decided to have a vacation. This time, instead of going on a plane and flying to Mexico or wherever else we usually go we decided to try an in town vacation. This to my surprize has a lot of benefits.

Hotel Pool



1. No airplane flight.

Ever since 911 there has been a real paranoia around flying. While I do understand the long lines and detailed search of random patrons. The fact is I really dislike having to take off my shoes and scan all my stuff and often upon my return having all of my personal belongings shifted through by a random stranger.

2. Friends visiting.
We decided to go to the Sportsmens Lodge in the Valley off of Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. They allowed buddies to come by from Hollywood. How cool does that sound? Our long time friends came by to hang out and after we went to Iroha for Sushi just down the road. #awesome sushi #friendsmaketripsfun

3. Savings.
All in all our vacation only cost us around $250 for two days of hanging out and enjoying the lavish hotel bum lifestyle. Try and beat that. Even just one flight to Mexico costs more!

4. Practice.
This was a great way to practice re-framing. When we travel lately we don’t leave the hotel that often. We usually go out to eat in town once or twice but for the most part we hang out at the hotel now that we have kids. So a simple re-frame is at hand. I tell myself “I am on vacation” I could be anywhere. When in fact it is true. Last time we went to Mexico we literally stayed put in the hotel the whole time. With the little one being small and Zoe loving the pool, there was no reason to leave.

This being said, it all depends on why you leave town. Obviously if a vacation to you means trekking to the top of the Himalayas then you will need to go on that plane and deal with the inconvenience of flying and other things and I am sure it will be worth it.
If you are just looking to get away for a few days of relaxation consider a local vacation. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.  Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers and the beauty that surrounds you.

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