Los Angeles Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus



Asana, ashtanga, anatomy, philosophy, history, chakras and sutras. This is a beginners teacher training as taught by Steven Earth Metz. To understand yoga in depth requires a great desire to help others and the desire to work on oneself. If you feel that you are in this position in life, I am sure that you will complete this course of training and help others along their way to personal growth.

Upon completion and after passing the exam and teaching a class with review, you will receive a certificate from Earth’s Power Yoga. This is a 200 hour course please note that some hours are completed via book study, essay 4 classes per week personal practice and community class teaching practice.
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You can start with us at any time. One year of Yoga practice is recommended, but not necessary to do the training. You can learn with us. You will be reviewed before you begin teaching professionally.

The “Yoga Teacher Training and Alignment Workshops” stand alone as Anatomy and Alignment workshops. These are excellent for those who want to deepen their personal practice. You will have one year from the start of the first class to complete the training (including essays).

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Most of the books are provided in digital format. You will also get a teacher training binder with all the necessary course material included.

Week One: Day One



History of Yoga

We will also explore the Yoga Anatomy book and begin the subject of Yoga and anatomy

Practice of the “Earth’s Power Yoga Flow Set.” Students will become familiarized with the Beginner Set series by practicing the poses. Then we will break into pairs and begin teaching

Homework: Watch the Earth’s Power Yoga Flow set on Youtube and take notes on sequencing and counter postures. (You will receive a link in your email) Specific Curricullum: Stick figure draw the set from the video Earth’s Power Yoga Flow set.


Week one: Day Two

Understanding Breath

Standing Postures in the Earth’s Power Flow Set


Backbends and Twists

Observing/Practicing Public Classes w/Feedback

Foot Anatomy

Process of Learning/Senses Lecture

Practicum and video homework. Specific curriculum. Name the standing postures from our the flow set in english and sanskrit using Light on Yoga book as a reference.


Week Two: Day One

Benefits of a cleanse and discussion about diet

Instruction and Practice of EPF Yoga set

Discussion of Yoga Anatomy, with focus on the bones, spine and wrist joints, as well as major muscle groups

Styles of Teaching

Angles for Demonstration to the Class

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs.


Week Two Day Two

In-class discussion of Philosophy of Asia

Eight Limbs of Yoga

Senses lecture word choices relating to senses

Aligning and adjusting postures. Specific Curriculum. Memorize the eight limbs of Yoga. Name the bones of the human body and their primary movement and or function.


Week Three: Day One

Lecture on the Subject of Metabolism Nervous System

Endocrine System
Practice EPY “Flow” Set
How-to on Observing/Practicing Public Classes


Week Three Day Two


Doshas – Body Types

Physical body – Organs and bones with anomalies

Practice Beginner Set Teaching. Specific Curriculum. Chant Om for 30 minutes reflect on the feeling and write it down in a single paragraph.




Week Four: Day One

Journey from India Lecture

Ashtanga Yoga series 1

Kundalini Yoga lecture

Iyengar Lecture. Specific Curriculum. Memorize the three body types and Stick figure draw the Ashtanga Primary sequence.


Week Four Day Two

Vegetarianism vs. Paleolithic Diet; Pros and Cons

Influence of Religion on Diet

Code of Ethics

Read Book on Yoga Sutra. Specific Curriculum Memorize 5 sutras from the book “how to know God.” Name 3 pros and cons about vegetarian and paleolithic diet.


Week Five: Day One

Practice of Verbalizing Postures with a Critique of Voice Technique. Props and restorative asanas will be displayed and discussed

Anatomically Incorrect Poses

Discussion on Understanding Body-Specific Posture

Natural or Biological Advantage

Relationships of challenges to specific poses (i.e. Downward Dog – hands/ankles/heels to floor)


Week Five Day Two

Public Speaking

Tempo Rhythm Class

Music and Drum Beat Gong Playing Workshop. Specific Curriculum. Create a playlist and write out Average beats per minute. Name 3 anatomically incorrect poses and why they are not correct.


Week Six: Day One

Universal principles of alignment

Bhakti, Karma, Raja, Tantra, Seva Yoga

Sanskrit aphorisms Lecture

Overview: Backbends, Twists, Balancing Postures

Students practice techniques alignment primary Set


Week Six Day Two

Hip and Joints





Practice EPY Elements “Flow” Set

Integration of personal series

Myth and Religion. Specific Curriculum. Write down a personal sequence (60 minute duration class)


Week Seven: Day One

Discussion of Myth and Religion

Essay on Sun Salutation Personal Meaning

Inner Experience

Escaping the Trapping of Samsara

Practice EPY Elements “Flow” Set


Week Seven Day Two

Art of Learning

Understanding Motivation and Learning Process

Lecture on Topic of Learning Experience vs. Academic

Discussion about Consistent Practice and Teaching

Practice EPY Elements “Flow” Set. Specific Curriculum. Read Josh Waitzkin “The Art of Learning.”


Week Eight: Day One

Performance and Humor

Enjoying Work While Making A Living

Marketing Yoga

Integrity and Long Term Policy. Specific Curriculum. Review all of your your notes and get ready for the final exam.


Week Eight Day Two

Set Practicum with Gong

Practice teaching

Integration of market demand and personal preference

Method of Attraction

Developing personal relationships


NOTE: Not all postures have sanskrit names. Nomenclature varies from region to region and lineage to lineage.



Books covered in the price

Tao Te Ching by James Legge

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kamanof

How To Know God – Yoga Sutras Translated by Christopher Isherwood and Swami Prabhavananda

Sidhartha by Herman Hesse

Bhagavad Gita

The Art of Learning

Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar


The following is not required study but is highly recommended:
Take a trip South India for minimum of 2 months in duration to see the roots of this ancient practice. Visit Jamana Giri at the Nandi Bull Chamundi Hill Shiva Cave Temple. Fly into Chennai via Singapore Airlines and take First Class. Shitabdi Express Train into Mysore. The famed Pattabhi Jois also lived and taught in this same town of Mysore

You can write to the Indian Consulate to request a 6-month tourist visa. Write in advance as the process can take up to four months. We also recommend that you travel this journey alone. The best time to travel to South India is November through January

540 Arguello Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94115



I recommend that you browse through and study the titles and content of each author/professor which you feel the most interested in:

Tao Te Ching Translation By Jane English

Alan Watts

C.G. Jung

Yogi Bhajan

Abraham Maslow

Emerson Prose on Self Reliance and The Oversoul

Rumi Kabir





Fitness facilities may have their own requirements and criteria that you may have to fulfill before they hire you to teach.

Requirements may change and vary from studio to studio and state to state.