Yoga practice and synaptic bridges are the key to peace

Many of you have heard me mention synaptic bridges in Yoga class. Learning Yoga and to practice equanimity amidst intensity in every practice. A simple practice will show you how to be calm in various situations. Practicing equanimity throughout your daily life will be very easy over time, if you understand how synaptic bridges are formed it may motivate you to continue to set intentions and practice outside of Yoga class. Some people say when you learn meditation it is kind of like riding a bicycle.
Learn how to ride by steering into your fall over time cycling becomes easier. I would venture out further on to say it is exactly like riding a bicycle. Repetition creates patterns and those patterns build synaptic bridges that become skill.  Practice of calmness on a daily basis and it becomes second nature.

Imagine if you had to walk through a very dense jungle. At first you would have to cut through it with a machete, but if you went down that path again next week it would be easier. If you walked the path daily you would not even need to bring machete every day.  This is how the brain builds bridges to create equanimity. I mention a simple memory reframing technique that help build this awareness in this article. 

While this technique does work I do caution students to not try and be machines. You are human, allow yourself to be upset if it is genuinely merited. The idea here is not to stifle emotions like anger, but rather to transcend them. There is a difference. – Steven Earth Metz

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