I Emanate Mediation

Lesson 3

Now it is time to expand consciousness. Now that you have learned the main elements of enlightenment training it is time to shine it out to the world. To really expand something and keep it in mastery share it on a regular basis.

I Emanate Meditation

I emanate joy

I emanate vibrance

I emanate happiness

I emanate pure consciousness

I emanate inspiration

I emanate beauty

I emanate oneness

I emanate the divine frequency of life

I emanate purity

I emanate love

Meditate on this by having your left hand on your lap palm facing up and your right hand palm facing out at about chest height. Inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth and visualize sunlight expanding to the people and world around you.


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Enlightenment Meditation on “The Light”


In doing this coming contemplation I want to clarify that I am pointing you in a direction toward living from a very different perspective. To see the light and love in all things. To see the world as if each day is literally your life beginning again. This may seem to be challenging at first but just know that you don’t have to try very hard ( as a matter of fact I would rather you try gently) as it will come easier that way.


Simply absorb these thoughts in the same way that a plant absorbs sunlight. It will be a very natural thing. In fact this brings me to one of the core beliefs that I will talk about later in another teaching. Meditation is easy.

Lets begin.

Enlightenment Meditation

I see the light of this day

I feel the light within me

I am awake to the purity that exists in every being

I am free from the past

I am awake to the present days light, it fills every cell of my being

I am the light and this light fills my life

I am the light within the light

I am the light of all eternity

I am the light embodied in physical form

I am the light that never dies

I am the light and it shines into every soul that I come into contact with

This light expands to the world around me

(Affirmation Ends)

Om Tat Sat

Creation, That is truth


Feel into this. Be this light wherever you go.


Follow up with five Sun Salutations then savasana meditation with hands over the heart visualizing an expanding ball of light filling your whole body. Do this for ten minutes and feel the benefits.


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Meditation to manifest love and abundance “I am”

This meditation will open gateways to greater love and light. Don’t force it at all. Like all of my teachings it is supposed to be simple. Do this once in the morning and once at night before you go to bed. I promise you will start to see and feel a difference. Plus you have nothing to lose. “Feel into it”

I Am… Enlightenment 

On infinite abundance

I am open to receive…

I believe in the power of the Infinite

I believe in the power of I am consciousness

I am infinite light

I am the power of divine love

I release the past

I give love

I am surrounded by pure love

I am love

Divine wisdom within I call on you

The universe will always provide

(Affirmation Ends)

Create this truth

Om Tat Sat

Follow with three long deep breaths hands over your heart.

Teachings based on the giving light of the Vedas

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Yoga and Donald Trump

With all the upset in the “blue states” over Donald Trump winning the Presidential Election I have been asked to write an opinion about this in relation to Yoga.

As a general rule I try to stay out of politics mainly because I really do not trust politicians in general and I am so busy with my own life that my time lately has been very limited. I also have students that are in both parties and as a teacher I am aware that they both come to my studio to find peace. That cultivation of peace is my main focus when I teach.

As we are reminded in many teachings. This one’s influenced is from the Zohar but is also in just about all the other texts on spirituality.

When a man or woman wishes to be purified and strives for peace, the good Inclination that joined her/him overpowers the Evil Inclination and makes peace with it. As a result, the evil inclination becomes a slave to the good inclination.”

The more you focus on something the more it becomes your reality. Your anger is just that it is yours. When you feel the need to go out  and protest by all means go out and do that. But when your anger consumes you and you start to destroy property and block traffic and effect the peace of many people that have nothing to do with the Federal government and their actions or decisions at that point you have to ask yourself what am I doing?

Am I now cultivating evil? Is this not the very thing that I am against?

Go within yourself and see the root of the disturbance. From the sanskrit sutra Yogas chitta vritti nrodha. Yoga is practiced to make the mind calm.

We are all in for a lot of change these days some good some bad but lets do our best to cultivate the good in ourselves and others. Try to instill a dialogue not an argument or a judgement because that will get you nowhere in your attempt to sway opinion.

When you practice Yoga you are cultivating peace under varied circumstances. These times may be a perfect time to really practice this.
“When I am peaceful the world around me is a little more peaceful.”





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