Yoga and Kiteboarding for the spine

It happened again I went kiting and my back fixed itself. I had really bad back pain from a surfing accident at Huntington. It was one of those classic low wind days and I brought my ZJ 7’11 fun shape, so I figured I would paddle out. I only surf now when there is no wind so I was a little rusty. I went over the falls head first and messed up my neck and mid back.

I had been doing some mild Yoga to heal and got a massage from Roger Coulombe a master healer from my studio. But it seemed it would be one of those 6 weeks of healing situations and I would have to take it slow for the summer.

Since summer is here and it would be windy I figured well I am already injured might as well give it a go and kite at Belmont. For those of you not in the scene Belmont is a safe harbor built around world war two to protect the port of Long Beach. They built a large barrier so very few currents can get through and almost no waves. So it is a very gentle beach and great for beginners or injured Yoga teachers trying to get back to Kiteboarding.

You know it is bad when you struggle to carry your gear to the beach due to the pain.

As with many new inventions you often find secondary benefits that had nothing to do with the original intent. I have been asking some of my other friends about this and it seems I am not alone in this assumption. Kiteboarding can relieve some peoples chronic back pain. When you kite and specifically jump the kite pulls your spine straight like a hanging forward fold or a giant chiropractic adjustment and in some cases it can treat lower back pain. Like Yoga if you wear a waist harness it stretches your body unlike any other extreme sport I have found.  Have any of you experienced this?

Steven is the owner and director of Earth’s Power Yoga and inventor of Yogascape the first to create completely immersive surround interactive scenescapes for Yoga and fitness classes. He coined the phrase  “ambient fitness.” Serving the Los Angeles community since 1994, Steven  is known for his athletic and powerful life changing classes.  Regarded as one of the best yoga teachers in Los Angeles, Steven created his own vigorous vinyasa style of yoga that will keep you moving and sweating while toning your body into incredible shape

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