Traffic Stress Workshop Carma Yoga

Car-mayoga workshop
Learn to overcome stress while you commute. June, 2nd 2018 @ 11:45 am at our studio. Register now

Simple steps

Plan ahead and prep right before. Say this Mantra “this is not a car it is a self aligning Yoga practice space.”
Reframing. Over time one method may become boring and “route.” This is a technique that can be used in many ways. We will frame the car in the same way one can frame a picture. By saying This is not just a car it is a music appreciation sound studio. It is a language learning environment. It’s a comedy audio program etc…
Physical anchoring. Time stretch and condense the hours of reserve peacefulness you have created in your previous Yoga to a short concise process in the moment. I.e. Inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth. Say to yourself “I have trained for this.’
Practice good Car-ma with the art of compassion and let people pass or make the turn they need at least once per drive. It will benefit you as well as the other person.
Seeing the big picture is the “truth and the waze.” The bottom line is no matter how fast you turn or cut in traffic you will not be that much faster than what waze says. Studies have proven the difference in an average drive is literally seconds whether you speed and dodge or just maintain a steady even routine.
The art of surrender. Surrender to the time it says on waze or whatever app you are using. Even if you are not using an app, the bottom line is you will get there when you will get there whether you stress over it or not. Take a deep breath and let it go.
Be aware of your posture while sitting try and find a balanced seated position so your weight is evenly distributed. Stretch out every two hours pull over and do some sun salutations and inversions to get your circulation going this can be the difference between feeling bad or feeling great during your trip.

A. Attention to the road
B. Body scan relaxing body sections especially your face and your grip.
C. Conscious breathing
Realize the beauty is in the journey. Take the scenic route whenever possible.

Graphic Provided by Norman Reeves