On being on time

As a native Los Angeleno I know how hard it is to drive through traffic and then get a spot to park and then visit an establishment. I totally understand the frustration. Being on time can also be a very important life lesson and a skill that we can train on and perfect even when coming to class. Being on time is a choice most of the time. This is the more powerful position to take in any challenge in life. As long as something is happening to you then you remain a victim to the circumstance. When you take responsibility you can then respond. When people arrive late we hear every statement you can imagine. My car was broken down. My friend was picking me up, my dog ate my keys. Bottom line is you can always be on time if you make a concerted effort.

If I offered you ten million dollars to show up on time to a class think about all the things you would do to ensure you were on time. Perhaps you would leave earlier or even sleep near the event. You might call and reserve a spot for you class but the bottom line is being on time is always a choice.

For the sake of not sounding like a total drill sergeant I am aware that it is true that if you got in a car accident that sent you to the hospital true you would have a justified excuse for not showing up on time but then again you would not be late you would just not have shown up. But truth is that is such a rare case it does not usually apply.


Being on time is a great quality and if you are you will always make a good impression.

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