THE RESET MEDITATION – The single cell that we are

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The journey to our beginning. Many of us have experienced getting caught up in stresses from every day life. This meditation will help you transcend the small and very temporary challenges.

I call this the “primordial ooze” meditation.

It is believed by many that we all and when I say we I mean life on this planet, began as single cell algae. Imagine a time the being that you are on this planet just began.

As many of you know in order to change something or an idea about something I like to use something called framing and time extension or retraction. In this meditation we’re going to take a look at our lives as they are and dial our lives all the way back.

Envision for a moment the world just forming as a fiery ball and now seeing in your minds eye billions of comets contacting the earth for millions of years creating water. Imagine time passing perhaps a vision of time lapse with volcanoes and steam and fire and night turning to day over and over again in rapid succession.  See it make it in color make it lucid make it not just with vision but with heat and feel it as if your soul is witnessing it from a just about ground level perspective. See the ocean forming with storming seas and and heavy rains and time passing even ice ages forming. The light blue crystal hues of icebergs floating, the waves forming as the giant ice melts and falls into the ocean…..

Now envision the sun glistening on the early morning wet rocks perhaps similar to a day after it rains in the dessert and the sun rises early and is so hot your can see the morning mist rise as it bakes off of the cool rocks and follow that trickle to a small stream that leads to a primordial pool of warm bubbling algae, not just any algae, single cell algae. Imagine being that little tiny green single cell floating around as time passes living and dying, living and dying suddenly by no action of your own free will you become a full plant underwater, see yourself as this plant swaying from side to side feel the warmth of the water and the relaxing motion and again see night and day night and day and eons pass like this for millions and millions of years various colors ripple on the water a and perhaps even stages of ash mixing in a slurry and this again and again over and over, through the water clouding it out somehow creative consciousness expands and you become a living underwater being an amoeba and again years and years pass this time not as a plant but a sensing being you notice you are suddenly swimming and moving, till now a you notice your fins become limbs, and you are drawn to the edge of the water and are able to breathe, this being is able to walk and see and breathe on land. See in your minds eye again millennia pass perhaps time lapse comes to mind starting slow with clouds and volcanoes and even asteroids hitting the earths etc…. day and night day and night till now you realize that you are alive and you are sapient and aware of yourself alive. You are this same soul that existed since the beginning of time, you are awake in this moment in this life you, and all these lifetimes are directly connected… Take in a deep breath through the nose….. exhale through the mouth ahh. Everything happens through all eternity for a purpose. There is no separation. We are one.

Tat Vam Asi

That are thou