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Scenic places have always been so inspiring to me. As a climber I get to some spots that very few ever get to see. I wanted to share these new Icelandic Mountains to provide a backdrop for our Yoga classes so you can enjoy some their beauty. – Steven
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Immersive fitness

Immersive fitness











Escape to the Outdoors  – Shape Fitness Magazine

Earth’s Power Yoga in Los Angeles, CA also has an immersive class called Yogascape, where the desert, ocean, lakes, mountains, and stars are projected on all four walls and play in time with music for an ultra-blissed out experience. Longer wavelengths like red, yellow, and orange come from peaceful sunset projections. “I first got the idea for Yogascape by seeing and feeling the beauty of the ocean when I was scuba diving,” explains Steven Metz, owner of Earth’s Power Yoga and creator of the class. He started studying animation and photography to create the environments. Seven years later, Yogascape was born. “When you are completely surrounded by something, it has a great impact on you. I wanted to create classes that completely transform who you are and how you feel,” he says. Read the full article


LA Times Takes the scenic tour of our Yogascape By Mary Macvean Mind Body reporter LA Times
Yogascape LA Times

Yogascape LA Times












Yogascape, created by Steven Metz, owner of Earth’s Power Yoga, is unexpectedly down to earth and a satisfying “immersive experience”
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KTLA “Feels The Yogascape”

Great to have local news health and fitness expert

Lu Parker from KTLA Channel 5 News in to experience our Yogascape class which combines surround scenescapes with our Yoga to enhance the experience. .

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Ann Johansson for The New York Times

Hot Vinyasa Heats Up The Yoga Experience

My first time taking a yoga class — Hot Vinyasa, to be exact — was everything I imagined it to be but also full of surprises. Let me explain. Everyone who works at Earth’s Power Yoga seemed extremely welcoming and friendly…

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Best Yoga Sans All That Yoga Crap Los Angeles 2010

To some people, yoga isn’t about opening chakras or energizing kundalini — rather, it’s about defining abs and building granite-crushing buttocks. Earth’s Power Yoga is the place for these athletes. Billing itself as “the toughest yoga class on earth,”…

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Who Has The Best Yoga Classes in Los Angeles?

Stars swear by Steven Earth Metz, who runs Earth’s Power Yoga in West Hollywood. Advertised as “the toughest yoga class on Earth,” Metz is so confident in his fast-paced Vinyasa power yoga, he offers a money-back guarantee. An avid athlete with an extensive knowledge of anatomy, he provides his vigorous flow classes in a 86 degree heated room and offers clear knowledge of the human body and how best to accomplish fitness through his moves.