The philosophy of being the first to create something new

Philosophy of creating


As many of you know. I have been embarking on a new style of fitness that I am simply calling “ambient fitness” which uses multiple changing scenes to alter consciousness in class.

So far the response has been great. Of course this has come not without a little heart ache.

Sometimes being first requires the ability to be stubborn in your creative expression. People have said “stop wasting your time” no one cares what the room looks like etc….

Creating is not about doing what everyone else already knows and is familiar with. It is about doing what you have to in order to create what you love. I cannot stop creating these scenes and environments for our classes.

Truth is I am not sure why I want to keep building on this idea. If you really enjoy them that makes me even more pleased to do this. I hope that this will help inspire you to create some new crazy invention of your own. -Steven Earth Metz

Yogascape still

A Yoga scene from L.A.


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