Meditation on the “I am” principal

Lesson 2

This meditation will open gateways to greater love and light. Don’t force it at all. Like all of my teachings it is supposed to be simple. Do this once in the morning and once at night before you go to bed. I promise you will start to see and feel a difference. Plus you have nothing to lose. “Feel into it”

I Am… Enlightenment 

On infinite abundance

I am open to receive…

I believe in the power of the Infinite

I believe in the power of I am consciousness

I am infinite light

I am the power of divine love

I release the past

I give love

I am surrounded by pure love

I am love

Divine wisdom within I call on you

The universe will always provide

(Affirmation Ends)

Create this truth

Om Tat Sat

Follow with three long deep breaths hands over your heart.

Teachings based on the giving light of the Vedas