Mastery Rank – Levels Explained

We are taught that spiritually we are all one and that we are divine beings in spiritual texts from many back grounds. In the physical world there are classifications. I call this Mastery Rank.

Here is an outline to guide you towards seeing where you are and where you will get to in time.

All levels after level one require mastery of the previous level to advance.

Mastery Rank Explained

Rank 1
The Yogi is able to perform all asanas in class without taking any breaks in our Earth’s Power Yoga Flow Set. First bar and the “sattva.” These bars are basically threads that are placed on and attached to your Yoga mat.

Rank 2
Can perform all postures in class to a grading scale of 7 i.e. no shaking falling or signs of strain. Facial expression is calm throughout the class and breath is fluid and unstrained. Earns your second bar and the “Rajas” title sewed onto your mat by one of our staff.

Rank 3
Can perform beginning arm balances (crow and astavakrasana) and do class without breaks.
“Tamasin” challenge breaker. Earns third bar on your mat.

Rank 4
Can perform level 3 listed postures including Handstand, Elbow Stand and one leg standing poses warrior 3 Half moon set. Earns two free months of classes. Earns the title Tapasyin or Austere one