Los Angeles Yoga Scene

20140724-111546-40546788.jpgLos Angeles area tips and The Los Angeles Yoga scene

Being a Los Angeles native and a Yoga teacher, it seems people always ask me for places to go. Places to eat, places to stay in Los Angeles or the Hollywood area and other general questions about Los Angeles. So often that I have decided to just put some of my favorites on a page and cover the subject.



(Steven Metz in the famous Melrose alley artwork scene by CBS Crew)

To me Los Angeles is one of the main places in the world to practice Yoga. We have hundreds of Yoga studios in and around the Los Angeles and Orange county areas. We also have great places to do Yoga almost year round outdoors.

Malibu Creek State Park
Yoga at the rock pool area is divine.

Topanga Canyon Trails
My favorite Yoga scene is “Eagle Rock” About two miles up from
Trippet Ranch. But be careful when practicing as it is a long way down if you
fall from your Warrior lunges.

Santa Monica Mountains
West facing slopes are a good place as a general hiking and Yoga

Vasquez Rocks Agua Dulce
One of the most beautiful places in the LA area to do Yoga. Find
a nice flat rock section towards the southend of the park.
Simply breathtaking.

Temescal Canyon
I like the small waterfall about a mile hike in to reach it from
the Parking lot at Temescal Canyon Yoga there is great. Clean
air and just beautiful.

You can Google search these for directions
All of these are great hikes and excellent Los Angeles area Yoga
practice scapes. You can just pull up and hike the trails, pick a view
point and practice Yoga. Plus hiking is an excellent warm up to

Perhaps it is because so many people in Los Angeles that do Yoga have been
exposed to the teachings coming out of Northern California and
the beat generation “gurus.” Ram Dass,
Jack Kerouac, Alan Ginsburg, and many others.

Alan Watts was one of the main teachers out of Sausalito
California and taught many westerners about eastern philosophy
including Buddhism and Taoist thought. Watts was a very gifted
teacher his topics covered everything from the sciences to
whirling dervishes. He has quite an elaborate body of work. Some
it is in Google book search and is available for free online.

Alan Watts is one of my favorite philosophers one of his lecture series is called the
world series and covers the history of pretty much of all the
major world religions.

I find his lectures invaluable in dealing with the traffic we have in Los Angeles. Just turn on the lecture and the cars of Los Angeles turn into one calm breath.

For more information about one of my favorite teachers go to Alan Watts for lectures. If you are visiting Los Angeles to do Yoga make a trip to
the Book Soup on Sunset and Holloway just to see one of the greatest collections of books this side of the Mississippi.

Things to do near Earth’s Power Yoga in Los Angeles.

We have so many things to mention here. So I will start with a few. Our Yoga center is just a stones
throw from the Grove. The Grove is south on Fairfax Ave about 4 blocks and is a great place to walk around. It has tons of shop and a really great Farmers Market.

Of course our studio is also in the Heart of Hollywood so it may be fun to go for a walk on the Famous Hollywood Blvd. It has tons of movie theatres see Google Movies for a full list. Type in the zip 90046 for the listing.

For Hotel accommodations you can you can stay at a pricey Four Seasons or at
Pali Hotel depending on your budget. Both will keep you
right near our Los Angeles Yoga center.

Museums to see would be the famous Getty Museum atop the Hill just off of the 405 Freeway.

Dining around Los Angeles
Truth is there are too many great places to eat in and around
Los Angels so here are few.

Real Food Daily Vegetarian Cuisine
414 N. La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Komasa Sushi
351 E 2nd St, Los
Angeles, CA 90012
The Spicy Tuna Roll with Avocado is the best I have had.

7533 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
The Slab Pizza is great.

M Cafe on Melrose
Try the Tuna Burgers

Baby Blues BBQ
7853 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood CA 90046

Fish Grill on Beverly Blvd.
Anarkali Indian Cuisine
to name a few

If you are coming to this site you are probably here to do Yoga in the
Los Angeles area so I will also list some of the different styles available here as well. Power Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Iyengar Yoga
Kundalini Yoga
Raja Yoga
Kriya Yoga
Mantra Yoga
Bhakti Yoga
Laya Yoga
Bikram Yoga
Forest Yoga
Acro Yoga

Just to name a few. We also have a whole host of wellness clinics which I will list here later on.

For now try Golden Monkey Healing