Location and Parking

Our Los Angeles Yoga Class Studio is located at:

7901 Melrose Avenue #208
Los Angeles, California 90046

We are right on the corner of Melrose Avenue and Fairfax Avenue. or if you need assistance call 323-655-9642


Getting there is easy – Just take Melrose Avenue to Fairfax and you will see us on Fairfax, just about 50 feet north of Melrose. It is the corner property on the northwest corner of Melrose and Fairfax. Enter through the driveway to the parking lot and come up the stairs to the check in office. If you are late, come to the class and we will check you in after.


If you come early, you can park in the lot if there is space (first come, first served) or park on the street. If you park tandem and block a car leave the key with our desk staff. Meters are two hours and they now take credit cards. You can also park on Hayworth Edinburgh or any of the side streets for free. Come 15 minutes early to ensure you get a space.


SOUTH – From the south take Fairfax north to Melrose and make a left. Then take a right into the alley and then another right into the parking lot. We are only allowed a few spots so leave extra time because you may have to park on the street at a meter.


NORTH – From the north (Hollywood Hills) take Fairfax (south) and make a right into the parking lot, just before Melrose Avenue.


EAST – From the east take Melrose west just past Fairfax and make a right into the first alley then an immediate right into the alley and a right into the parking lot.


WEST – From the west take Melrose heading east and just before Fairfax, make a left into the first alley then an immediate right into the parking lot.


I have been practicing vigorous Power Yoga and Hot Yoga for many years. One of the things about being in an urban environment like Los Angeles is the parking can be a real pain. Here are a few things you can do to make it a real breeze.


1. Perspective. You are coming to exercise and create peace in your life. You can do both on the way to Yoga a small intention, say to yourself “I will be calm on my whole journey to Yoga today”. Then practice being calm no matter what happens. Regulate your breath, direction of attention to a smooth waling cadence can really go a long way towards creating peace.


2. Ride a bike. Riding a bike allows you to park anywhere for free all day. Plus you get to exercise on the way to the studio. You also get to see a lot more of life in general on a bike. Try it out.


3. If you have places to be after class and need to drive try putting a skateboard in the back of your car. It is quite fun to park a block or two away and skate to class. Plus you look cool coming in the studio with a board in hand.


4. Walking is really a great warm up and it is exercise too. So if you park a block away it is actually a good thing, you burn about 100 calories per hour even walking slowly.


5. Bring some headphones and listen to Alan Watts on the way to the studio. His philosophical lectures are some of the best I have heard and it is tough to be stressed out when you are listening to great speeches by such a gifted master of speech.


We also have excellent metro access.