How to begin your first Yoga class

Here are a couple of tips for people coming to their first Yoga class.

Bring Water. In hot Yoga you will sweat a lot, sometimes you will sweat the equivalent of a full liter bottle of water. You want to hydrate about every 15 minutes. Don’t wait till you are thirsty.

Wear comfortable sportswear. Something that will not fall over your eyes when you are upside down.

Come early to class. Some studios lock the door at the beginning of class. Nothing is worse than driving through traffic and not getting in to class. Allow at least 15 minutes of a buffer zone so that you get a parking spot and do not have to rush to get to class. In larger cities like Los Angeles consider riding a bicycle or walking if the studio is close enough.

Buy a good mat. We recommend Manduka Pro Lite mats. They last forever and they lay flat on the floor like a mat should. They also grip better than standard mats.

We also recommend a good Yoga towel like Yogarat diamond grip towels.

Bring a change of clothes and an extra towel to dry off after you take a shower.

A simple padlock will be needed as well to lock your stuff away.

Also, feel free to ask a teacher after class for help. Many teachers live for questions like this. How do I practice wrapping your shoulders in down dog or what is Namaste’? I stay after every class to answer questions. Most teachers do.

If you like the studio consider buying a ten or twenty pack of classes. This way you will save a lot and be able to come more often. Our studio also offers an autopay deal that is less than $4.00  per class if you come to class daily.