Location and Schedule of Hot Yoga

We are located in the heart of Hollywood California on the Corner of Melrose and Fairfax.

You can Google the address here:

7901 Melrose Ave. #208
Los Angeles California 90046


The building is on the northwest corner of Melrose Avenue and Fairfax Avenue. Parking in our parking lot is first come first serve and you enter the lot from the driveway on Fairfax Ave just north of Melrose, or the alley just west of Fairfax Ave. If you come 15 minutes early you will most likely get a spot. Some of the spaces are tandem so if you block a car leave leave the key with our Valet.

You can also park on Melrose, Fairfax and the adjoining streets and all the meters do take credit cards so you do not have to bring change. The adjoining streets are Hayworth, Orange Grove, Waring and Clinton and have free parking .