Inner Child Meditation

Picture in your mind a ball of light, warm as the sun, bright and clear now image this light growing larger and larger till now this light covers the entire inner vision of your mind. See within this light a beautiful holy space. Perhaps a temple or some space in nature comes to mind. Whatever it is allow it to be. Notice the same light permeates this same space. See this space surrounded by a beautiful flower patch picture the types of flowers, make it in color, see it clearly now in your minds eye.

Now, imagine a crystal blue stream running in front of the garden and see yourself standing in front of this stream but not as your physical body but rather as your ethereal body, translucent and vibrant you somehow know that it is in fact your higher self. Suddenly you feel drawn to lay down in the stream you look down and step in you feel the warmth of the stream not like a pool but like a warm hot spring. Some how you know intuitively that you can breathe under water in this state. So you lay down in the stream. Feel the warmth of the water washing through you cleansing and purifying, nourishing every cell of your being.

You notice you can see the blue sky and white clouds passing as you look up through the rippling stream to the outside. On the side of the riverbank you see a child and you are naturally drawn out of the river to the bank of the stream. This child seems familiar and as you look closer you realize it is you yet again as an ethereal representation of yourself but not as you are now but rather at age 5, perhaps an image of yourself in a photo book comes to mind. See this being in its purest state unscathed. You now notice that your arms are outstretched and you feel the pull to embrace your self as you feel a warm glow and the child merges into your heart so that now you are filled with this same purity. You are perfect you are one with the divine.