Happiness in the palm of your hand

This meditation is designed to assist you in putting things in there proper perspective. Some days the hustle and bustle of modern life can seem overwhelming. This meditation will help you to see the big picture and even realize how small all the “big” challenges in life actually are. Happiness truly is in the palm of your hand.


See within your minds eye the space that you are currently in. Now fill it with light, not just any light but the light of love and healing life force. See it shine see it in color…. now expand that to a vision of the city you are in perhaps from above see a five mile radius. See the lights flickering see the mist and clouds now as if you are in the sky a mile above looking down. now expand that vision to the stratosphere and see the world from the side to where you can see the horizon but you are so far in space that you feel almost upside down because you are next to the earth. See the glow on the side of the planet from the sun on the back side of the earth lighting up the horizon. Expand this vision again to now seeing the whole solar system to envision this think of a movie you have seen in the past that depicts this image except now you are actually in space as you look to your side you see your arm but not as it is now but rather in its light translucent body form. Now expand that even further out to the galaxy and notice event that is expanding as you travel further into space to where now you see even farther out. Imagine that now you see multiple galaxies take in a deep breath and amplify that. Notice the expanse of space time continuum, so vast that it is even beyond what the human mind can comprehend and then double even that… Ponder this for a moment… Now suddenly you notice it is contracting as you exhale bring that vision in to a higher density as if the universe is contracting now and time is speeding up. Envision all the galaxies and the fabric of space time contracting. Stars and planets all starting to swirl, imagine a whirlpool of galaxies forming as you see again yourself with your palm out stretched and imagine this image of the the whole universe with infinite light and density now condenses into a light filled infinitely dense marble that you hold in the palm of your hand. Imagine this now and exhale. Now see it condense all the way down to the size of poppy seed and then as you inhale expand all the stars and galaxies and as you exhale it contracts again. Expands and contracts, expands and contracts.