1. I am infinite

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I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, I am Steven Earth Metz. This is a meditation that I call, “Infinite Abundance.” It is about being open, opening to any gateways that would help to allow you to manifest conscious abundance and even perhaps physical abundance. So all you are going to do is read these, I am reading them for you here,  every single day. You can also end with a very simple breathing meditation at the end with the hands over the heart. You don’t have to consciously absorb them all the time or focus really hard, you just have to do the practice. Again this is a meditation on Infinite Abundance, I am open to receive.

I believe in the power of the infinite,

I believe in the power of I AM  Consciousness,

I AM infinite light,

I AM the power of divine love,

I release the past,

I give love,

I AM surrounded by pure love,

I AM love.

Divine wisdom within I call on you, the Universe will always provide. Create this truth.

Now follow this with three long deep breaths: inhale through the nose, hold the breath in and put hands over the heart, exhale through the mouth. Again, breath in through the nose, hold, exhale through the mouth. Breath in, hold, exhale through the mouth.  At anytime you go about the rest of the day and you find yourself in any kind of stressful situation,  I want you to remember this type of meditation. Breath in through the nose, tap back-in to this experience you created in the morning, and exhale through the mouth. It is a really quick way for you to tap-in, it is really convenient, anybody can do this.  Remember this is based around the original Sanskrit, “So Hum.” It is said that when the baby is being born, in the fetal stage, for the first three months the baby’s soul has not gone into the body. It is the mantra, “Ko Hum,” which means “who am I?”  When the soul goes into the body, the heart beats to the mantra, So Hum, which means “I AM.” Create this truth.

Repeat this meditation every morning for 10 days


Peace and Blessings.