Frequently Asked Questions

What is hot yoga?

Hot Power Yoga is derived from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and uses heat to replicate environmental conditions in Mysore, India.

The best way to prepare is to come with an open mind and open heart! Generally don’t drink or eat anything too heavy within 90 minutes of the class, otherwise you may feel too full and uncomfortable.


What should I wear/bring to class?
Wear comfortable, but snug clothing. The looser your clothing, the more hindered your stretching may be. Mats are required and available for rent if you do not have your own. Water and towels are highly encouraged and available for rent and purchase on site.


What are the benefits of hot yoga?
Many fold. Increased flexibility. Also, the heat releases many toxins from your body, as does the deeper stretching. Most importantly, piece of mind. For a full list of the health benefits of the heat, click here.


How often should I be practicing yoga?
For a beginner student, several times a week is recommended. For a serious practitioner, the sky is the limit!


Is yoga for me? I’m not very flexible.
You do not have to be flexible to do our yoga. You will become more flexible the more you practice.


Can beginners attend yoga classes at Earth’s Power Yoga?
We love beginners. They make the best students! For newbies, we would recommend coming to our Sunday Basics with Alignment Fundamental Classes as well as the Early Morning Yoga Flow Classes at first. After a week or two, anyone can feel comfortable in a mixed level class. Community classes are Monday through Thursday and set up for newer teachers to get their practice in as well. For a full list of class descriptions, click here.


How difficult are your classes?
Each class is up to the teachers ‘drive,’ but generally they all stay in the beginner to intermediate range. We want people to practice long term, and some of the more advanced poses can cause injuries to newer students. We don’t stress those as much.