Class Descriptions



Earth’s Power Yoga Flow Set

Similar to the Ashtanga style, the set stays the same each time. It is a flow style based on the Ashtanga South Indian Vinyasa format. You will sweat a lot and leave feeling refreshed. This set creates a good foundation for all the classes that are at Earth’s Power Yoga.

Earth’s Power Yoga Mixed Level

A vigorous Hot Yoga class that is not only a great workout, but tons of fun! Set to music, this class will work you out and make you sweat. It will include yoga transitions and will move a bit faster than other yoga classes. Classes will also have a few challenging and technical yoga postures and the sequence does change a bit with new transitions introduces regularly as well as meditation.

About our “scaped” classes

Enter the creation of a whole new world of Yoga. Yogascape is an amplified virtual reality with our new surround video room. We call it “Ambient Fitness” Still Hot flowing vigorous Yoga but with an added virtual journey from the beaches of Cabo to the outer limits of space and many other alternating scenes. We guarantee you have never experienced anything like it before.

Vinyasa Flow

A slightly slower paced and not as Hot Yoga class. Still has some flow, but with more emphasis on a slower breathing pattern. A challenging class and a great way to start your day! Beginner to Intermediate level.

Hot Power Fusion

Based on a style similar to the Hot 26 posture sequence well know to Hot Yoga enthusiasts as a Bikram style. Slightly slower paced Hot Yoga class. Same set every time. With no chaturanga postures this set is good for someone with wrist or shoulder challenges. Beginner to Intermediate level.

Yoga Sculpt with Weights

A vibrant, fun and action-packed sequence incorporating small weights (2, 3 and 5 pound weights) into the heated vinyasa flow! Intermediate level.