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Yoga Philosophy section with hand picked articles about Yoga and mysticism.

A great Alan Watts statement. What if money were no object?

Here Alan Watts asks some great questions. I hope this makes you think, act and transform.  

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One of my favorite lectures about Hinduism and “A journey from India”

Here Alan Watts talks about Hindu cosmology. This is just priceless.  

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The philosophy of being the first to create something new

Philosophy of creating   As many of you know. I have been embarking on a new style of fitness that I am simply calling “ambient fitness” which uses multiple changing scenes to alter consciousness in class. So far the response

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How to make a Sigil

  This is something I have practiced for a long time. Get creative. You can also take letters from other parts of the words and translate¬†them to Sanskrit or Hebrew to add a nice touch to the Sigil.

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