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Healthy tidbits for your Yoga practice

There may be some hope in Cryogenics Check out the Alaskan Tree Frog

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An apple a day

As a teacher many people assume that I eat really healthy. While in general this may be true if you were to travel across america I would bet that most people that exercise eat relatively healthy compared to the average.

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To be vegan or not to be vegan that is the question

In this video I talk a bit about the influence of religion and diet. As a Yoga teacher I have never been able to stay vegan though I have tried multiple times. When I do I feel that it was

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Yoga practice and synaptic bridges are the key to peace

Many of you have heard me mention synaptic bridges in Yoga class. Learning Yoga and to practice equanimity amidst intensity in every practice. A simple practice will show you how to be calm in various situations. Practicing equanimity throughout your daily life

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