In doing this coming contemplation I want to clarify that I am pointing you in a direction toward living from a very different perspective. To see the light and love in all things. To see the world as if each day is literally your life beginning again. This may seem to be challenging at first but just know that you don’t have to try very hard.


Simply absorb these thoughts in the same way that a plant absorbs sunlight. It will be a very natural thing. In fact this brings me to one of the core beliefs that I will talk about later in another teaching. Meditation is easy.

Lets begin.

Enlightenment Meditation

I see the light of this day

I feel the light within me

I am awake to the purity that exists in every being

I am free from the past

I am awake to the present days light, it fills every cell of my being

I am the light and this light fills my life

I am the light within the light

I am the light of all eternity

I am the light embodied in physical form

I am the light that never dies

I am the light and it shines into every soul that I come into contact with

This light expands to the world around me


Om Tat Sat

Creation, That is truth


Feel into this. Be this light wherever you go.


Follow up with five Sun Salutations then savasana meditation with hands over the heart visualizing an expanding ball of light filling your whole body. Do this for ten minutes and feel the benefits.