Benefits of Hot Yoga from a Students perspective

Where I See the benefits of a Hot Yoga class at Earth’s Power Yoga in Hollywood.
Earth’s Power Yoga not only helps you lose weight but also makes you healthier by promoting the quality of your life.Ever since practicing Earth’s Power Yoga, which I consider to be the best after practicing so many types of Yoga, I have become clearly aware about the benefits.
Yoga requires you to move your joints through their full range of motion through Ásana (the physical poses) including those that we rarely use. With continual practice you will be aware that you can move in ways that you never thought you could. This happens because you will start to produce a large amount of lubricants not only in your your joints but also around your ligaments and tendons.
Therefore, even tho you might think you are a rigid person. Hot Yoga practice will consciously work these areas and you will notice that the flexibility in your body will gradually be improved.The Yoga poses work directly in the areas of your body that are related to tension and they are used in a flow of harmony that is naturally stimulated in Yoga.
Another interesting aspect of  Hot Yoga is that the practice induces a massage of your internal organs and glands to a very deep level. You will notice better function of your organs because the practice will stimulate them improving your immune system and preventing diseases. The weird sensation of a deeper awareness of your own body will allow you to understand more about the needs and functioning of your body and so you might even be able to notice the changes before a problem happens and take the necessary precautions to heal ahead of time.
Suelen -Brazil

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