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Ringo Star is in Hollywood CA

His message to the world? Peace and Love Happy Birthday Ringo Star from all of us at Earth’s Power Yoga Hollywood.

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Yoga and Kiteboarding for the spine

It happened again I went kiting and my back fixed itself. I had really bad back pain from a surfing accident at Huntington. It was one of those classic low wind days and I brought my ZJ 7’11 fun shape,

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Very Old Postures

Some people say Yoga postures are only 150 years old. However, I saw postures on walls in India dating back to 1100 A.D.   Below. King Bhagiratha performs Vrksasana as penance: Descent of the Ganga, Mahabalipuram ca. 7th C.E.: photo by

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Beach closure in Los Angeles and Long Beach Counties due to oil spill

Another beach closed

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