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Yoga and Donald Trump

With all the upset in the “blue states”¬†over Donald Trump winning the Presidential Election I have been asked to write an opinion about this in relation to Yoga. As a general rule I try to stay out of politics mainly

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“MAP” Mental Anchored Physical

As many of you know I have been teaching something that I call “MAP” this involves consistently anchoring physical actions to mental beliefs. A simple example would be when we are in a pose standing in the front of our

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The “Ten Day Yoga Teacher Training” LOL

It has taken a while to write this Yoga blog post because I really do not like writing anything political or offensive online. Lately there has been a proliferation of Teacher Training courses that just scream buyer beware. As many

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Yoga in Africa This a repost from CNN that I just had to share. Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) — There he stands, Mount Kilimanjaro in the background, striking a pose on a purple mat, bathed in the light of dawn. Breathing. Stretching. Opening

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