About Us

Our studio was established in 1995 and we are constantly working to make the experience better for everyone involved. To put it simply, we teach classes that change lives for the better. We have one of the most visually immersive studios ever designed. We also have state of the art fresh air systems delivering fresh air constantly to the studio. Our floor is made out of a specially designed Yoga floor material made just for Hot Yoga. It is antibacterial and anti fungal so it never smells in our studios. We also offer Yogascape with state of the art surround high definition video scenescapes custom made for Yoga and our JBL sound systems is truly the best you can get. You will have to experience it for yourself, it is a one of a kind invention by the founder of our studio Steven Earth Metz.

Immersive Fitness Yoga Experiantial Training

Yogascape Immersive fitness.

I love physical exercise of all kinds! Yoga has helped me to improve my athletic performance as well as rehabilitate after numerous injuries. Teaching yoga over the past 20 years has given me first-hand knowledge of the human body and has forced me to study anatomy in detail.

I first began the practice of yoga in Los Angeles at the age of 12 at Jean Pierre’s Martial Arts Academy. Yogi Jeanne Pierre was my first glimpse of Yoga Asanas. Four years passed when I finally started doing yoga in a gym. I met my first full-time yoga teacher named Thomas Del Dio, a member of the Siddha Yoga tradition of Swami Muktananda. I discovered a level of bliss, which seemed to permeate every cell of my being.

I began teaching in 1993 at Yoga West and was also trained there through the teacher training course. It was the beginning of my experience of sharing yoga with the world. I then continued study with many teachers – Guru Singh, Shiva Rea, B.N.S. Iyengar in Mysore, Steve Ross, Pattabhi Jois, Lisa Walford. Jamana Giri on Chamundi Hill and Mysore South India (Pooja and Mantra ) at the Shiva Cave temple.

I have been teaching and solely supporting myself through yoga in the Asana tradition for the last 20 years. I love to teach and still enjoy teaching public as well as private classes every week.

Steven yogascapesunrise

Reasons to practice with Steven:

  1. Steven is an innovator and inventor of Yogascape, a completely immersive surround scenescape video platform for Yoga classes where you practice in a room surrounded by beautiful scenes from around the world. He is also a seasoned teacher with over 18 years of teaching under his belt.
  2. His teachings are based on yoga postures with the critical eye of medical science. He teaches several health care practitioners the practice of yoga.
  3. Real world knowledge. He has had injuries upon injuries due to the fact that he is a real athlete. He rock climbs (multipitch and toprope), surfs (kite, body and traditional), mountain bikes, skis, and snowboards. He has healed injuries through the practice of yoga. He knows what works, what doesn’t and has the added insight of having been there.
  4. Some teachers have never even traveled to the origins of these arts. Steven has traveled the world looking for the secrets of India and China, Thailand and, of course, America. He searches for ways to advance his personal development so he can then share these secrets with you.

All this being said, I am also constantly studying anatomy and the art of strengthening the physical body. I am a very physical spiritual realist. I view Asana as a physiological form of meditation. I also meditate every morning and practice yoga postures.

I do see, from time to time, stories about yogis teaching celibacy and then breaking their vows. Also, some proclaim that they can manifest miracles and walk through walls. I don’t believe in that. I am, not nor will I ever be, a celibate monk. I am a householder at this stage of my life and I don’t intend to change that. I teach the Asana tradition as it was handed to me by my teachers. In the teacher training, my classes get more in depth to cover Sutras and classical texts such as the Gita and even the basics of anatomy and the like.

As far as my religious path, I view Buddhism as a reformed, early Hinduism. I consider the teachings of the Buddha my main religion though I also honor Judaism, Christianity and Sufism and believe that truth is found in many forms. As my teacher has entrusted onto me the honor of teaching classes, I will do my best to share the bliss of yoga.

Though yoga has been mainly taught in the U.S. as a physical art form, I also try to keep the original intent clear when I teach. It is a physical, mental and spiritual journey.

“Our mission is to inspire people to practice Yoga on a regular basis so that they may do the things that they love and spread the joy and peace that will change the world.

Raise environmental awareness through a business model that teaches sustainability through recycling. To make the the world a better place through continued education in the self and environmental preservation.” We are not saints but we are definitely trying harder daily.

To make fitness fun to the point where you miss doing the activities so much that you cannot wait to get back and train.

It is my 100% personal guarantee that if after one of our classes you did not get the best Yoga workout and meditation class I will refund your money that day. – Steven
Earth’s Power Yoga home of one of the “Changing the whole Earth one Yogi at a time” tm

Core Values
1. Teach Yoga classes that change lives for the better with physical training and wisdom.
2. Practice equanimity amidst change and intensity
3. Lead by example
4. Teach happiness and be 100 percent open for life to pour in abundance
5. Always learn to better ourselves and motivate others to learn with a deliberate learning method. 
6. Always make sure “we care” is exemplified by your actions
7. Achieve greatness even though we are a small company
8. Strive for our dreams and practice determination through continuous action
9. Always do what is best for the “big picture”
10. If the studio family is happy the world will become a happier place
11. Always “look for luck”
12. Make the world a better place
13. Don’t let superstition limit joy in life
14. Celebrate excentricity and laugh daily
15. Create a community vibe at our studios that is so fun it expands outward.