3. Emanate Meditation – Quest

Emanate the abundance of life and love wherever you are.

Repeat this meditation every morning for 10 days.


For those of you that practice with us locally.

The sage quest. Finish this meditation in nature and bring in one sprig of wild sage. Create one new meditation of your own by writing it down for other to enjoy. Submit the meditation to Steven Earth Metz or one of our staff. Upon completion of this quest and of the 30 day Yoga challenge at our studio sages will receive a free month of classes.

For those of you that would rather read through the meditation we have included a transcript for you to read below.

Now it is time to expand consciousness. Now that you have learned the main elements of Enlightenment Training, it is time to shine it out to the world, to really expand something and keep it in mastery and share it on a regular basis. So repeat this internally or read it, whatever works best for you. Don’t try to force the learning of these processes, sometimes with meditation it seems the harder you try the harder it becomes, so you will go through these over and over again until you feel like it is really permeating your being. So I will read these through in case you don’t want to visually read it, or for some reason you can’t read. You are going to close your eyes and you are going to put your left hand- palm facing up- as a more receptive, think of it as receiving from the universe. Your right hand – palm facing out – about chest height. Sit at a comfortable position. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, and visualize sunlight expanding to the people and world around you as you are doing this.

Let us begin:

emanate joy

emanate vibrancy

emanate happiness

emanate pure consciousness

emanate inspiration

emanate beauty

emanate oneness

emanate the divine frequency of light

emanate purity

emanate love